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What is covered by maritime law?

Maryland borders the busy Chesapeake Bay, which is fed by 150 major rivers and streams, and is outlined by almost 12,000 miles of shoreline. Within the navigable waters defined by these boundaries all manner of boating accidents, injuries and commercial shipping disputes are governed by a combination of general maritime law, federal statutes and State laws. Knowing what applies, and when, is essential to protecting your rights.

Can Young & Valkenet help when injuries and property damage occur on the water?

Yes. Accidents in navigable waters happen to good people. They can result in property damage to vessels, piers and bridges, and even severe personal injury or death to operators, passengers and by-standers. We can help with the defense or prosecution of claims arising from these unfortunate circumstances in the United States District Court and the courts of Maryland.

Can Young & Valkenet help when administrative and criminal charges arise from maritime matters?

Yes. Accidents and violations issued in navigable waters can trigger charges brought by the Department of Natural Resources, the United States Coast Guard and other state and federal law enforcement bodies. The Government will attack your licensing and your liberty. We will defend you.

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