Baltimore Administrative Hearings

What is an Administrative Hearing?

Administrative hearings serve the purpose of resolving disputes between federal, state or local government agencies and the citizens who seek their services. The rules of the hearings are more relaxed relative to trial courts, and so the agencies often advise citizens to represent themselves. However, you have the right to representation in administrative hearings, and it may be prudent to exercise this right.

The hearings are held in front of an Administrative Law Judge. You’ll have to present evidence and make a logical, fact-based argument to the judge if you hope to reverse any agency decision. It is a real trial, and our attorneys will gather the evidence and help you identify witnesses, request any subpoenas for any evidence and witnesses needed and then present your case to the administrative law judge.

What Matters go to Administrative Hearings?

More than you could imagine. Here are a few examples of administrative matters where our attorneys can represent you:

  • The state unjustly or without good cause revokes or suspends your driver’s license.
  • A regulatory agency unjustly or without good cause revokes, denies or suspends your professional license.
  • You have regulatory disputes with insurance companies, banks and other regulated businesses.
  • You have a dispute with a licensed home improvement contractor or face a claim against you if you are a licensed contractor.
  • You have tax disputes with the State of Maryland.

Can Young & Valkenet help me?

Yes. Administrative hearings are very similar to trials in the circuit courts. We research your legal issues, compile your evidence and witnesses, and appear at the hearing to present your case and defend against Government allegations.

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