Practice Areas

Administrative Hearing

Administrative hearings serve the purpose of resolving disputes between federal, state or local government agencies and the citizens who seek their services. The rules of the hearings are more relaxed relative to trial courts, and so the agencies often advise citizens to represent themselves.


Trial courts make mistakes. You need experienced appellate attorneys to identify those mistakes and properly brief them and argue to the appellate court. You may also have to defend against an appeal taken by the other side in your case.

Complex Civil Litigation

Your lawsuit can involve multiple parties, multiple jurisdictions, large amounts of money, a lengthy trial, or legal issues that are more complicated than normal. Complex cases can take months or years to resolve.

Criminal Defense

Remember that the criminal justice system is designed to be adversarial.  That’s why criminal cases are always captioned “The State of Maryland versus [your name]”.  Without an attorney, you cannot reasonably oppose the State.  And without opposition, the State will railroad you.  

Maritime Matters

Maryland borders the busy Chesapeake Bay, which is fed by 150 major rivers and streams, and is outlined by almost 12,000 miles of shoreline. Within the navigable waters defined by these boundaries all manner of boating accidents, injuries and commercial shipping disputes are governed by a combination of general maritime law, federal statutes and State laws.


In Maryland, probate is handled by the Register of Wills and the Maryland Orphans’ Court. Even if there is no Will, certain assets must pass through a probate estate.

Real Estate

If you are buying or selling land or anything on or under the land, you need a lawyer. The law surrounding real estate transactions is complex, and can vary from one part of the State to another. Your transaction can involve brokers, agents, banks, contractors, lien holders, inspectors, and the Government.

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