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Do I need a lawyer?

If you are buying or selling land or anything on or under the land, you need a lawyer. The law surrounding real estate transactions is complex, and can vary from one part of the State to another. Your transaction can involve brokers, agents, banks, contractors, lien holders, inspectors, and the Government. We can help with all of it. Our lawyers can be as involved as you require. We can negotiate entire agreements and walk you through to settlement—Young & Valkenet will help with all the bumps and hiccups along the way.

What about title and boundary disputes?

Owners of land face claims by adjoining landowners and others that challenge their ownership or use of land. Claims can arise from disputed rights-of-way, acts of nuisance, trespass, ejectment and boundary disputes. The Government often claims for unpaid tax liens, nuisance liens or non-permitted activities. Banks often claim for unpaid liens. Many disputes are covered by title insurance, and some are excluded from your coverage. We can help you negotiate these issues, or litigate your interests to satisfactory conclusion in the courts.

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